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Short-Term Health Insurance

Effective April 1, 2017, short term plans can only be issued for 3 months or less.

Coverage Options Based on your Individual Needs

Short-term health insurance plans can keep you protected from the unexpected.  The premiums on these plans can be half the cost of health insurance plans.  If you're going through a transition in your life, short-term health insurance can be just what you need.


  • Best choice for individuals with pre-existing condition
  • One-page application with no medical questions
  • Access to the Northshore network of physicians and hospitals
  • Best choice for healthy individuals
  • Access to the largest network in the nation—Choice Plus Large PPO
  • Co-pays available
  • Offering short term insurance for 30 years

Peterson International

No Waiting Period

Why Get Short-Term Health Insurance?

Access to Providers

On average, short term health insurance is less than half the price of major medical. A family of 6 can elect short term for as little as $400 dollars a month. 

There is no waiting period, you can fill out a form today and have a policy in your name by tomorrow. An online application takes less than ten minutes to complete.

Affordable Premiums

UnitedHealthcare offers access to its large PPO Choice Plus network—giving you access to doctors and hospitals that aren't available in the individual market.

Who is Short-Term Health Insurance for?

Short term it is meant to cover those with a temporary gap in coverage or in times of transition—

  • In-between jobs
  • In need of a low cost alternative to COBRA
  • New hire waiting on group coverage to kick in
  • Not quite eligible for Medicare—almost 65
  • No longer on parent’s policy—recently turned 26
  • Waiting for approval of major medical coverage
  • Uninsured and don’t have a qualifying event


Having trouble finding the plan you're looking for?

Experts are here to help.  Contact us for more information on shopping for coverage or questions regarding short-term health plans.

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