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On-Exchange vs Off-Exchange

Where should you shop for insurance, on or off-exchange?

Frequently Asked Questions

Read about the most commonly asked questions.

Healthcare Reform 101

Learn the basics of the Affordable Care Act and how it affects you.


Illinois Chamber of Commerce Delivers Benefit Offerings To Help Small Businesses Compete In Today's Hot Job Market

Newest program features Dental and Vision coverage with two-year rate guarantee

Benefits of Short Term Health Insurance

Health insurance has gotten expensive. But it isn't worth remaining uninsured.  In response to the rising...

HMO vs PPO—what's the difference?

  HMO vs PPO, what is the difference? How do I know which one is right for me? If you’ve asked...

How to Save Over 30% on Group Health Insurance Premiums with a Level Funded Plan

If you currently offer health insurance benefits through your business—you're spending a lot of money to...

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