3 Barriers Republicans Must Overcome to Repeal the ACA

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Despite a Republican-controlled house, Republican-controlled Senate and a Republican President, repealing the Affordable Care Act isn’t quite as easy as it seems.

Here are 3 barriers republicans are facing to repeal the ACA (Obamacare):

1. Republicans vs Democrats

It’s simple math. Republicans hold 52 seats in the Senate of 100 total. To completely repeal the ACA there would need to be 60 votes total in favor. That means every Republican must agree one way, and persuade at least 8 Democrats to get on board. 

What if Republicans only get 51 votes in favor of a repeal—is there anything republicans can do without democratic support? Yes. Republicans can use the budget reconciliation process to repeal parts of the ACA. But only the parts that impact the federal budget and/or revenues. 


2. Republicans vs Republicans

Republicans agree ACA should be repealed but they can’t agree on what should replace it with. Once republicans put their brand on it (Obamacare turns into Trumpcare)—they are to blame for what works and what doesn’t work. Republicans do agree that the ACA is a failing law and have presented an official bill of what the repeal may look like as of Tuesday, March 6.  (link to long form article)


3. Republicans vs the Public

Many fear a full repeal will eliminate their ability to get health insurance, especially those with a pre-existing condition. Another common concern is having access to quality healthcare.  ACA’s approval rates are at an all-time high—the reaction from the public to the news of a repeal hasn’t been pretty.

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