5 Ways to Improve your Current Benefit Offering, Increase Employee Retention and Spend Less

For business owners with less than 50 employees.

Your employees rely completely on you for benefits. From office perks as simple as fresh fruit on Friday mornings to health benefits such as dental and vision insurance—it’s up to you to deliver.

In fact, 64% of employees look for benefits from their employer. That means if your business doesn’t offer the benefits they desire, they will find one that does. 

What’s the secret? How do other small businesses offer benefits without breaking the bank?

The truth is—there are plenty of easy, low cost, even free ways to show your employees you care.

In the individual market (where your employees would have to shop if you didn’t offer benefits) dental and vision insurance cost significantly more and have waiting periods on most major services. Under employer sponsored plans, waiting periods are waived and the cost is more affordable for both of you.

Still skeptic? Maybe you just know all your options.

Join us for a free webinar where Senior Benefits Consultant, Johnny DiVito will cover 5 simple ways to offer better benefits that don’t cost a fortune. 

How To Improve your Current Benefit Offering, Increase Employee Retention and Spend Less

For businesses with less than 50 employees

Thursday April 19, 2018 @ 1 -2 PM CST

Join our webinar and in less than 45 minutes you’ll learn:

  • How to make your employees happy without spending a lot of money

  • Simple ways to improve the employee benefits you have in place today

  • Best practices for implementing new benefits

  • How to identify which benefits your business (and your employees) need

Join us Thursday, April 19 and learn how to improve the benefits you offer today in a way that’s guaranteed to retain your employees and save you money. Because offering a variety of benefits doesn’t just make your business appealing to work at, it makes your business appealing to continue working at. 

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