6 Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Medicare Coverage

If you enrolled in Medicare on your 65th birthday and haven’t looked at your coverage since—you are not alone.

If you enrolled in Medicare on your 65th birthday and haven’t looked at your coverage since—you are not alone. Most individuals enroll during their Initial Enrollment Period and never think about changing plans.

The truth is, you may be spending more money than necessary.

✔️ Have your prescriptions changed?

Maybe you are no longer taking the same dosages or even medications you were prescribed back in 2010. Or perhaps a few new medications have been added to your list.

Each year, you should receive a complimentary drug analysis to make sure you enrolled in the most cost- effective prescription drug plan, also known as Part D.

✔️ Has your current health status changed?

You may have enrolled in the most comprehensive plan available because it was affordable at the time, however, premiums increase with age and now that you’ve been enrolled a few years it may be more cost-effective to make the switch. You could save thousands of dollars each year by switching plans.

If your current health status has changed or you simply find yourself calling the doctor more, it’s time re-evaluate your coverage.

✔️ Have you moved?

Medicare Advantage plans operate on state specific networks (like an HMO). If you move, you may need to purchase a new Medicare Advantage plan.

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan, check to see if you have the Standard or Select network. The Standard networks gives you access ALL hospitals, nationwide.

Not sure what your current benefits include? Have your plan looked at more closely by a Licensed Medicare Consultant.

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