Are there cheaper coverage options than COBRA?

I'm switching jobs and will be without health insurance for a month. I can elect COBRA but it's $700 a month.

I am looking for temporary coverage while I’m switching jobs. I do not want to be without health insurance for an entire month but COBRA is just too expensive.  Are there cheaper coverage options?


Consider short term health insurance.

It’s a convenient alternative to COBRA—with lower monthly premiums and next day enrollment, you can fill out a form today and have a policy in your name by tomorrow.

On average, short term health insurance is less than half the price of major medical. A family of 6 can elect short term for as little as $400 dollars a month.

Short term it is meant to cover those with a temporary gap in coverage or in times of transition for up to 6 months:

  • In-between jobs
  • In need of a low-cost alternative to COBRA
  • New hire waiting on group coverage to kick in
  • Not quite eligible for Medicare—almost 65
  • No longer on parent’s policy—recently turned 26
  • Waiting for approval of major medical coverage
  • Uninsured and don’t have a Qualifying Life Event

Keep in mind most short term policies are medically underwritten so unlike qualified health plans you can be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing condition.

For example: If you are asthmatic and you are hospitalized for an asthma attack. This policy will not cover your claim.

Petersen International is the only carrier that is guaranteed issue, meaning they cover pre-existing conditions. 


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