Medicare Solutions for your Employees

IXSolutions provides you with value-added services at no cost to optimize your employees’ health journey.

Medicare Solutions for your Employees
Medicare Eligible Employees

Does Your Firm Have Medicare-Eligible Employees? Partner with IXSolutions to Help Them Make the Best Decision

When your employees choose to work beyond age 65, they face crucial decisions regarding their Medicare coverage. IXSolutions can help them make confident, informed choices. If your employees opt for individual Medicare coverage, this could result in cost savings for you and your employees while providing them with enhanced coverage.


Understanding the ins and outs of Medicare can be time-consuming. An insurance broker simplifies this process by doing the heavy lifting, saving your employees valuable time and effort.

Expert Guidance

With our extensive knowledge of the Medicare landscape, we can provide personalized guidance based on each employee’s unique needs, budget, and circumstances.


Our brokers compare different plans and providers to find the most cost-effective options. They can help your employees avoid unnecessary expenses and obtain the most value for their money.

Ongoing Support

We stay updated with changes in Medicare, ensuring your employees’ plans stay compliant, and provide continued support so their coverage meets their circumstances now and as they change

IXSolutions facilitates the Medicare transition for your eligible employees

We have 35 years of experience in the health insurance industry and extensive knowledge of Medicare, ensuring your employees receive the most appropriate guidance for their unique health needs, budget, and circumstances.

IXSolutions will:


Provide your employees with the support they need as they transition into Medicare. Contact us to learn how you can help your employees explore their options.*

* There is no cost or obligation for a consultation.